Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tie rod complete

Finally got the tie rod bought and put back in. 
Next up was the alignment.  When you take all that stuff off the tires are not aligned anymore so I had to do a little backyard redneck aligning.
You take a piece of string and run it from the rear tire to the front along the outer edge.  Since the drivers side was not messed with that was my gauge.  I run the line across the center line of the rear tire across the center line of the front and when the string (make sure it barely touched the outer edges of the rear) touches the outer edges of the front tire your good on that side ( you may have to move the wheel to get it all in line.
Switch over to the other side and do the same across the rear tire and for the front you may have to adjust it from turning the inner tie rod either in or out of the tie rod ball joint.  Get it as close as you can, you'll still need to get it done by a professional but at least you won't be all over the road.
Sorry no pictures, I was doing this as a one man job and didn't want to mess with the pictures just get it done.
Here's a picture I grabbed off the Internet to give you an idea of what I did.

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