Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy time

I know I haven't posted in a while and a few things have been going on.  I have bee things to cover and a motorcycle trip I went on.  Started to plant the garden, mowing, repairing and barely find time to sit a write, but it's coming.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tie rod complete

Finally got the tie rod bought and put back in. 
Next up was the alignment.  When you take all that stuff off the tires are not aligned anymore so I had to do a little backyard redneck aligning.
You take a piece of string and run it from the rear tire to the front along the outer edge.  Since the drivers side was not messed with that was my gauge.  I run the line across the center line of the rear tire across the center line of the front and when the string (make sure it barely touched the outer edges of the rear) touches the outer edges of the front tire your good on that side ( you may have to move the wheel to get it all in line.
Switch over to the other side and do the same across the rear tire and for the front you may have to adjust it from turning the inner tie rod either in or out of the tie rod ball joint.  Get it as close as you can, you'll still need to get it done by a professional but at least you won't be all over the road.
Sorry no pictures, I was doing this as a one man job and didn't want to mess with the pictures just get it done.
Here's a picture I grabbed off the Internet to give you an idea of what I did.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tie rod

Well, once again the daughters car went out.  I get a call that it's acting funny and shaking and shimmying all over so she pulled off if the church parking lot and got a ride to school from the wife.  On my way home I stopped by to take a look, everything looked fine until I drove it.
Felt like the wheels were locking up, so I parked it and got out to look.  Drives side wheel was fine, pointing forward.  Passenger side looked like it was turning left.  I squeezed my head under and saw the the tie rod ball joint was disconnected from the tie rod (official name I think is Inner tie rod).  I went home and packed a few tools and went back.  Took the tire off and the ball joint and went to screw it back on and it just slid on most of the way.  STRIPPED out.  I was able to get a couple threads to hold and babied her back home.
Everything came back off, I crawled under to see how to remove the tie rod.  Did a Internet search on removal and crawled back under, did another search and crawled back under, did that about three more times.  Looked the part up on the Internet and saw that it screwed in, so I crawled back under and saw that there was nothing to put a tool on.
This frustrated me for about three days, until... I'm a big proponent of using the right tools for the right job... I figured if I could get a pipe wrench on it I may be able to get it off.  Hunted high and low for my smallest wrench and went to work.  Blam off it came (thanks 6" pipe wrench).  Today I buy a new part and install sometime this weekend.
I get tired laying in the gravel working on my cars.
Anyway, here's the tie rod.  Top part of the picture is the ball joint end that fastens to the control arm which is what steers the car, that screws on to the rod in the middle.  Bottom end of the picture is the ball joint that I used the pipe wrench on to get it off, it's screwed into the steering rack.  It's round with nothing to grip on.
There is a rubber boot that encloses the bottom end and rack that's filled with power steering fluid.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Install today

Yup, today we're going to do our install.  Don't know if I'll get any pictures but I'll at least get it on film.  Wife is helping, she doesn't want to mess with the camera.  HAPPY HAPPY

UPDATE:  A little cold and windy after work today so the insatll did not happen.  Looks like Thursday may be the day it's going to happen.  It's not really the day tempreture, it's the night.  Want it a little warmer to help them get acclimated and settled in. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little help and Package Bee's

Nephew came over to give me a hand with the hive boxes and the hive stand.
Polishing the telescoping top.


Here a package of bee's, the estimate is 3000 bee's per pound and the box has 3 pounds.
Under the little board on top is a can of sugar water and the little flap thing sticking up is where the Queen is kept in a separate cage.

The bees are crowding around the Queen and the sugar water.
We're going to wait till Monday to do the install, hopefully the weather will be a little warmer.  We've had the bee's now since Friday and are keeping the warm and safe in the basement.  After their trip from Georgia it's best to settle down for a day or two before they go into the hive.
Here's the hive in the yard awaiting the bee's.

I'll post some pictures of our mentor doing her bee package install on Monday.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hive stand

Now I painted the hive I'll need something to put it on.  It doesn't need to be to high off the ground, cinderblocks will work but we wantred something a bit higher and nicer to look at.  The reason the hive needs to be off the ground is to stop any varmints or critters getting in.  If something climbs up it will expose it's underside and the bee's will sting away.

Cutting all the pieces I'll need

Laying out the legs, front and back
Sides going on

Top end finished, the hice will sit on the outer boards with support from the legs

All done, pretty simple design

With the bottom board sitting on it, this is where the bee's enter and exit the hive (on the wide flat part that hasn't been painted yet)

Pre-cutting for another hive, we're going to have two of them
It's nice to have leftover boards and stuff from other projects, cuts down on the costs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beginning bee keeping

We started taking a bee keeping class about 6 or so weeks ago (weather being a factor) and have two classes left.  Very interesting to learn about.  While trying to digest all the new information I figured I needed to get started on the hives.
We bought a beginner kit so there was some work involved, you can get everything already done but what's the fun.
First was to paint the parts:  from the left to the right, the telescoping top, bottom board, hive body, inner cover and somewhere hidden the entrance reducer
Next up to put the foundation into the frames the frames (frames were pre-built)
Wired foundation

Foundation and Frame

Cleat that needs to be removed

I ran my knife under the scored edge through the cleat to the middle on the frame to remove the cleat

Notice the indent/groove, this is where the foundation will rest

The foundation has wires that are bent at a 90deg.  They will rest in the indent with the wires facing out

Lay the cleat along the length, from where you removed it and "clamp" the wire foundation between the frame and cleat

Press against the foundation and nail into place with a 5/8" nail

One on each end

Foundation pin/holder, this will help keep the foundation ridged in the frame

Completed frame

My stack of ten frames that will go into the hive body, tedious work but a feeling of satisfaction.  The size of hive body we have is a ten frame.

Snow 3/25/2013

Had a bit of snow yesterday morning.  To bad it didn't last, I wanted to get on the 4wheeler (now that it's fixed) and play.  But, alas I had to go to work and it was gone by the time I got home.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Paddy's Day Parade

Off to DC  to watch the Parade, first stop was at my nephews to indulge in a little breakfast and...
did have a few cupcakes made from Guinness, Jameson and Baileys, I'll have to get that recipe

With a quick trip on the DC Metro, we were on our way to the Parade, our walk took us passed the...
had to take the picture, sons in the Navy
Department of Justice
Bomb Squad (son's a EOD Tech)

Fairfax County Police Dept's mounted unit demonstrating some techniques, that was the best of the Parade
And of course how better to end the Parade in DC with a roach coach hotdog
Me and the Daughter enjoying one of our favorite foods.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

New home

Had some spare wood and the ladies were laying some eggs on the floor so I decided to put in a new nesting box. 
All I need now is to add a little paint.  I was surprised to see they kept a eye out on me while I was busy sawing and screwing it all together.  Hope they like it and I may have to put a divider in but I'm a little concerned that the box might be a little smaller than they like.  I'll have to see what happens.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting things done

Two weeks now have gone by and after replacing the CV Joint (the drivers side), finding the tire showing steel belts and replacing the valve cover gasket needing replaced all was good to go.  UNTIL... she took it on the highway.  Seems there is a vibration in the steering wheel, guess I'll be getting the tires balanced for that.
Next up a good friend asked if I could help with his daughters car.  Yes, I'll try.  This is a fuel tank replacement and it needs to be done by Friday.  Did a little research in the internet and figured I had a hand on it.  Exhaust had to be disconnected from the muffler, pain in the ass, as it's all heated together and rusted.  Got it undone (will need to replace the flange gaskets and bolts), tank unstrapped and all lines disconnected.  Little of a wrestle but it's out and ready to transfer the "green" stuff over.
Now come the part I hate the most, I break a part.  Don't know what it is or what it's called or what it does.  But luckly for me I have the internet and a number and find out that it's a Fuel Assy.  Who would have know.  What does it do?  After some searching it seems to let the pump know when your tank is full (more of that "green" stuff).  So now were waiting on the part as it's a dealer only item or internet buy.
Looking to finish the job Friday if the part come in.
If not the daughter will have to go back to University and be mobile through her legs.
And through all this I've been taking pictures to show everyone and something happened to my memory card.  It can't be read on the card reader or able to view the pictures on the camera, SUCKS, I had some good pictures of our snow, the dogs and the first signs of Spring around here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another CV Joint

Well no sooner did I fix my car the daughters now needs a passenger side CV Joint.  Looks like I'm becoming a pro at this.  Another thing on the list for the weekend, it's going to be cold but not as cold as the last time.
Oh well, coveralls here I come.

Friday, February 22, 2013

CV Joint

Well, it sounded pretty bad the other day (actually last week) driving into work.  Every time I turn right it made a nice clicking grinding noise.  I made it to work and back.  Parked it and got my part. 
Luck for me I've already replace the passenger side so I knew what I was up against.
Here's the old broken part...

I'm back on the road.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Smallest egg

This has to be the smallest chicken egg I've ever seen
 Maybe it was a preemie?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Officer C. Yung Motor 4887

In Memory of Officer C. Yung Motor 4887.

We have a limited amount of Thin Blue Line Bracelets.
They are $5 a piece and the proceeds will go to Law Enforcement United - Team Prince William. There may also be a benefit ride in his name also (details to follow on that).
If you would like one please contact Me...