Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hive stand

Now I painted the hive I'll need something to put it on.  It doesn't need to be to high off the ground, cinderblocks will work but we wantred something a bit higher and nicer to look at.  The reason the hive needs to be off the ground is to stop any varmints or critters getting in.  If something climbs up it will expose it's underside and the bee's will sting away.

Cutting all the pieces I'll need

Laying out the legs, front and back
Sides going on

Top end finished, the hice will sit on the outer boards with support from the legs

All done, pretty simple design

With the bottom board sitting on it, this is where the bee's enter and exit the hive (on the wide flat part that hasn't been painted yet)

Pre-cutting for another hive, we're going to have two of them
It's nice to have leftover boards and stuff from other projects, cuts down on the costs.

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