Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little help and Package Bee's

Nephew came over to give me a hand with the hive boxes and the hive stand.
Polishing the telescoping top.


Here a package of bee's, the estimate is 3000 bee's per pound and the box has 3 pounds.
Under the little board on top is a can of sugar water and the little flap thing sticking up is where the Queen is kept in a separate cage.

The bees are crowding around the Queen and the sugar water.
We're going to wait till Monday to do the install, hopefully the weather will be a little warmer.  We've had the bee's now since Friday and are keeping the warm and safe in the basement.  After their trip from Georgia it's best to settle down for a day or two before they go into the hive.
Here's the hive in the yard awaiting the bee's.

I'll post some pictures of our mentor doing her bee package install on Monday.


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